Last Chance to Get “The Covenant Of Timeless Wisdom” from Andrew Reynolds!

BREAKING NEWS …. The Covenant Of Timeless Wisdom Personal Development Course is taking in it’s taking in it’s LAST students

Dear readers….

Just a quick note to let you know that, in line with plans for new projects that Andrew Reynolds and his team are launching this year, they are making some changes to the  businesses and product ranges.

The Covenant was launched in 2009 and became a £Million+ seller was well received by subscribers. However due to changes in direction for some of Andrew’s businesses, from 1st March they will be phasing out The Covenant and will not be taking new subscriptions from that date.

So if you didn’t get the course, or have been planning to get it then NOW is your Last chance before the doors close for good on this fantastic course.

CLICK HERE to get your’s now before it’s gone forever

As I was one of the very first students to follow and complete the course I can’t recommend it highly enough. Fortunately for me and the other students we have all the material to keep and return to when ever needed.

The material is a fascinating and powerful combination of Books, DvD’s, Work books, Limited Editions, Audio Books, interviews, seminars, conferences……. it’s something that I’ll be passing on to my children to set them on the right path of life. to be honest, they really should teach this stuff in schools, and teach our children to think, act and create their lives instead of them been funnelled into the “normal” 9 to 5 routine.

Fortunately at the tender age of 40 I found this material and have been able to put to good use what I learned from it and been able to  develop the mindset and skills to transform my life.

So, the choice is yours my friend….., Click Here Now  for your last chance to study and learn from some of the best teachers in the world of personal development, learn the skill’s to take control of YOUR life, and bring into your life a fine collection of material that you can always reference again and again and pass on to your children to get them on the RIGHT path from day one.

If your still undecided, please remember that your journey begins with 30 days completely free trial with enough time to work through part one before you make ANY payment or commitment. your life, your choice.

CLICK HERE to get your’s now before it’s gone forever




P.S. The Original course is now CLOSED. all links now point to my free subscription

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