Ever since The Secret movie hit cyberspace, people all over the world have been looking for a way to make the amazing Law of Attraction work for them in a consistently positive way.

If you’re one of them – or if you’re simply interested in discovering an easy way to step into harmony with the universe so you can start letting the things you really want all the time, without struggle — then send for The Missing Secret. I personally guarantee that when you use these techniques, you WILL attract a DEFINITE, SPECIFIC result that has previously eluded you.

The Missing Secret

People around the world are attracting miracles and magic thanks to Joe Vitale and the techniques you’ll discover in The Missing Secret!

“Dr. Joe Vitale’s The Missing Secret allows me to finally fit life’s puzzle pieces together. The Law of Attraction always made sense to me, yet there was a link missing that, I think, many other people also felt. Joe has plainly explained the techniques to clear one’s self to allow [your] unconscious mind to converse with [one’s] consciousness. Truly extraordinary.”

– Victoria Schaefer

“Whether he’s speaking to an intimate group or a crowd of thousands, he connects with people at the deepest level, emotionally and intellectually. I’ve seen this connection literally change lives, including mine.”

– Pat O’Bryan

“The movie The Secret gave me a great overview of how to transform my life by changing my thoughts and beliefs. What Joe provides … is even more powerful. I have new tools to go to the next level. Joe, you really have discovered The Missing-Secret to creating the life of my dreams. Thank you!

– Kathy Zant

“Truly the Missing Link in implementing The-Secret. We may know what we want consciously, but what about unconsciously? Until we can create congruency between our conscious thoughts and our unconscious thoughts, our results will be hindered. [The Missing-Secret] is the ticket to creating congruency!”

– Dean Gifford

“I have felt an incredible washing away of the past … a clean slate … a chance for harmony and peace and forgiveness. I wake up every day with a sense of extreme pleasure and gratitude and anticipation of the miracles waiting to unfold.”

– M.W. & D.P.

“This is fun … this is part of the dream … Yeah .. it’s happening! I am officially an equity owner of the company with the exact percentage of ownership I wanted.”

– Tony

“Hi Joe, “I just wanted to share a few miracles happening in my life …

1. Able to make a huge shift and heal the relationship between my mother and myself! We had been struggling for the PAST

EIGHT YEARS, and our relationship had been very rocky.

2. Intended the perfect job, with the perfect pay. (Last night I was offered a job to DOUBLE my earnings!)

“Thanks for the great insights and program to be able to move forward and to live in bliss!”

– Amber Swalberg

“I have started to notice a greater sense of peace. Something unexpected happens, I’m like ‘OK’, no drama. When we got in a new contract, we were like ‘wow, that’s really cool,’ but no butterflies, anxiety – just a calm, cool feeling. I have a lot less tension. What’s missing is the drama. It’s such a great space to be in. I feel so much more grounded in my body and in my spirit. Thank you – you are my angel!

-Amy S. Grant

“[The Missing Secret] has the potential to change humanity.”

– Dr. Rick Barrett
Author, Healed by Morning

“I was in debt and had lost my job and my car. Within 48 hours of discovering Joe’s 5 steps, I got another car, which cost me nothing, and a better-paying job. Within 2 months, I received my first freelance writing project. In less than 5 months, the debt was gone, I paid cash for a brand-new car, started my own successful online business, met my future wife, and moved to a dream home. This book will help you attract whatever you wish to bring into your life fast!”

-Bill Hibbler

“To manifest success in any endeavour, there is always a spiritual component – a part of our success that isn’t always obvious to the casual observer. Joe Vitale clearly demonstrates how he has effectively recognised and used this spiritual component with amazing success and how you can easily adapt it to fit your life as well – all in 5 easy steps. I can personally attest to this process and its effectiveness.”

-Joe Sugarman
-Chairman, BluBlocker Corporation

“So what is the secret of health, wealth, and enduring happiness? Joe Vitale has it; I’ve tried it; we’ve both made it work (as have a select group of others), and now, you can,too!”

– David Garfinkel
Author, Copywriting Templates

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