Visualisation, Visualising and Manifesting.

Visualization, Visualizing and Manifesting. 

Part 1. What is a Vision book?

A vision book or vision board is a tool that you use to bring into your life the things you want. This can be material, spiritual, emotional, health related or what ever you like. Look at it as a reminder or inspiration to your self of what you want in life.
If you have a goal for example to move home, find some images of the type of home you’d like to live in and put them in your vision book or on your vision board. No one really knows how this works, but as I have learned from others and with my own experience it just does!

I’m going to use this “New Home” as an example for you as we are moving to “The Lakes” , and to keep us focused on that goal, we have images of the type of home we’ll be moving into. This is both a reminder and an inspiration for us, and by visualising it and focusing on it, we know it will happen.

I also find that writing about it gives me an excited feeling, and makes me think about it more too.

Let me go into some more detail and expand on that, and be more descriptive with that, this is what I’ve wrote about the house we’re moving to:

We are moving to “The Lakes” to a large and spacious home with character and with in an open plan layout with at least:

5 bedrooms

An office / studio

A garage

At least ½ acre of land.

The house is located within walking distance of the nearest village and school for our children.

There is either a lake, a river or the sea near by.

We have open views of the fells from inside the house and garden.

It’s in a great location for walking and close to some great photographic locations, this is ideal for walkers and photographers to take a room for B & B.

The garden area is low maintenance and big enough for us to play football in, fly a kite, ride our bikes, and big enough so I need a sit on lawn mower.

We also have a section of the garden to grow our own fruit, veggies and herbs and keep some chickens. The surplus from our own produce can be sold via an honesty box at the front of the garden!

Get the idea…

The more detailed you can be with your Vision the better. Even just writing that out above I get a buzz and I can actually see us all living the live we would have in there as I’m writing it. It’s almost as if I’m writing about our lives at this moment, I can see my self writing this from my studio with a large floor to ceiling window looking out onto the fells, and smell the fresh, cool air breezing in through the window.

The more detail you can put in to your vision the better, this makes you feel better and visualise it better, and the clearer you vision it, the more powerful.

Just give it a go and see what happens.

All you need is a plain paper book that you can stick pictures and write in, or a cork board, like a notice board and use this to put the things on you want. Once you have this in place find images of the things you want, and put them in.

Each morning and evening look through your vision board or book, and hold the vision that you have them already!

Part 2 coming soon.
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2 comments for “Visualisation, Visualising and Manifesting.

  1. Bea

    Hello Geoff! (I wonder if you are one of the Arbroath Beatties. My son is married to one!). Anyway, Just to say I was interested to see your website. I am a pensioner and all my life I have had a yearning to write and earn money from it. Well, I bought ‘The Covenant’ starting in January and I can honestly say the changes coming into my life are amazing. When I received the last box in which Andrew said ‘I assume you have a website,” I was somewhat dismayed. I thought ‘is this another way to get money from gullible people?” However, one day, I was out walking the dog pondering on this when I had a vision of setting up my own site and putting writing on it. Once I decided to do this I made enquiries locally for someone to help. A young neighbour came forward and is now in the process of setting up a lovely little site for me. I am so thrilled. I am receiving all sorts of inspiration for writing and a local publisher has asked me to contact him in a couple of weeks’ time when my site is up and running.

    I wonder if you have started to sell Andrew’s products? How has this gone for you? I believe in the ethos of what he is trying to sell but do not know how successful this can be.

    Anyway, keep your site going. It is interesting and inspirational.

    Sincerely Bea

  2. Geoff

    Hi Bea,
    I don’t believe I’m related “Arbroath” Beatties, though my Auntie did some family research and discovered we are related to “James Beattie” the poet and philosopher from Laurencekirk.
    It’s great to hear abut your success with what your learning from the covenant.
    I’m now on month 8 and am amazed by what I’m learning and the opportunity’s that almost just seem to appear from nowhere, this stuff should be taught in schools.
    Please let us know how you get on with your writing.


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